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Nutrition month - week 5!



Lack of time, eating out, holiday stress? We all have challenges that can sidetrack our healthy eating plans. Here are some strategies to help your small changes stick.

Planning how you will manage healthy eating roadblocks before they happen is key to success.

Setbacks on a journey to healthier habits are a normal part of making changes. Knowing what some of your challenges are can help you be ready to deal with them.

  • Think about what might get in your way of healthy eating.
  • Brainstorm solutions to get around these roadblocks.
  • Put supportive strategies in place. Recruit family and friends to help on your path to a healthy you!

A slip in healthy eating habits is a learning opportunity. When it happens, review your plan, adjust as needed and get back on track.

Short on time? Be prepared with nourishing grab ‘n’ go foods like yogurt, nuts, vegetables, and fruit.

  • Stock your kitchen with snacks like veggies, fruit, yogurt, cheese, hard boiled eggs, seeds, and whole grain crackers.
  • Cook big batches of soup, stew, or chilli on weekends, then take a welcomed cooking break on busy weekdays.
  • Cook once and eat twice! Make more food than you need for one meal and reinvent it for another meal.
  • Shop for healthier convenience foods, such as frozen or pre-cut vegetables, plain or frozen fish fillets, shredded cheese, and canned lentils.

Stressed? Bored? Sad? Eating for reasons other than hunger can lead to mindless eating.

Do you ever find yourself eating, even when you are not hungry? Do you eat when you are bored or distracted? If so, you may be eating more than you think.

  • Reduce bordem, sadness, or stress by taking a brisk walk instead.
  • Eat mindfully. Don’t eat distracted. Make mealtimes screen-free, eat away from your desk and don’t snack while watching TV.

Check restaurant nutrition info online to make better choices.

Eating out can be challenging when faced with big portions, too few vegetables, indulgent desserts and too much fat, sugar, and salt. Here are some tips to help make your best choice:

  • Choose small or half-portions or save part of a big entrée for another meal.
  • Ask for extra veggies on your wrap, pizza, or burger. Replace white rice or pasta side dishes with steamed vegetables.
  • Ask for the dressings and sauces on the side and add just enough for flavour.
  • Love dessert? Go mini or get one dessert and several forks so you can share the great taste.

Thank you for taking the 100 Meal Journey this March! Feel free to continue the steps in future months to continue to make small, healthful, and lifelong changes.

For more meal and recipe inspiration, visit: http://www.cookspiration.com/genre.aspx?g=4

Adapted from The Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month Campaign Materials. Find more information about Nutrition Month at: www.nutritionmonth2016.ca



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