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Our Team


Dr. M.K. Gazendam 613-634-9898
Dr. J. Glassco 613-384-4888
Dr. R. Goldstein 613-389-1619
Dr. A. Chavlovski 613-634-1078
Dr. L. MacKinnon 613-389-1604
Dr. S. Naoum 613-389-1604
Dr. D. Pitre 613-634-1078
Dr. M. Wonnacott 613-634-1813
*please call physicians' offices directly for fax numbers  


Telephone 613-507-0213
Fax 613-507-0214
    *please do not send highly confidential information to this fax number
Executive Director Ms. A. Townend Ext 206
Administrative Coordinator Ms. E. Ratcliffe Ext 201
Dietitian Ms. C. Tereszkowski Ext 209
Nurse Practitioner Ms. M. Batson Ext 204
Occupational Therapist  Ms. C. MacIsaac Ext 208
Registered Nurse Ms. M. Schonwandt Ext 203
Registered Nurse Ms. E. Fitzgerald Ext 202
Registered Practical Nurse Ms. K. Burns, Ms. R. Prior, Ms. J. Dehondt, Ms. C. Martin Ext 207
Social Worker  Mr. D. Campbell Ext 205


Chair Dr. M. Gazendam
Treasurer Dr. R. Goldstein
Secretary Dr. L. MacKinnon
In Training Dr. D. Pitre
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