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Craving Change™

Craving Change (TM)

Craving Change (TM) is a series of three workshops, each about two hours in length. The program is facilitated by the Registered Dietitian and Social Worker.

The goal of the program is to put you in charge of your eating habits and learn a variety of different strategies to positively change your eating behaviours over the long term.

The Craving Change (TM) program is an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on why it is challenging to eat in a healthy way
  • Determine your personal eating triggers and patterns
  • Learn a variety of strategies that you can try out to positively change your eating behaviours
  • Learn strategies to help you "keep the change" over the long term

Speak with your physician's office if you are interested in this program.


Metabolic Syndrome-- Change Program™

Metabolic Syndrome-- Change ProgramTM

Unique lifestyle Intervention program created by leading health professionals at Metabolic Syndrome Canada www.metsc.ca to provide family health clinics with the tools they need to offer effective, lasting lifestyle intervention to patients with metabolic syndrome

Based on the best evidence from diet and exercise research, the CHANGE Program focuses on long-term changes and overall well-being

Change Program is designed for those who:

The program:

  • Provides three months of weekly group counseling with an RD and an Exercise specialist. After the first three months the group gets together once a month for conintuing support.
  • Utilizes motivational counselling to facilitate lifestyle changes for modifiable risk factors
  • Provides current educational materials and resources to access

Speak to your physician if interested in being referred to this program.


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Diabetes and Pre Diabetes Education

Diabetes and Pre Diabetes Education Program

Healthy living education classes are led by Registered Dietitian, Carolyn, and are provided on a monthly basis for registered patients interested in learning how to best manage or prevent diabetes. Classes are held in a group setting that encourage participation in a very relaxed atmosphere. Program information is based on the recommendations from the Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines. All adults are welcome to attend regardless of their health issues.

Topics discussed include:

  • Diabetes facts... getting started with healthy living
  • Nutrition... most adults should eat like they have diabetes
  • Exercise... no gym required!
  • Lifestyle... you're in control

        Speak to your physician to be registered for a class


For more information

Canadian Diabetes Association

Eat Right Ontario

Hotel Dieu Hospital Diabetes Education & Management Centre (DEMC)

Diabetes assessment in primary care:

  • Patients will continue to be assessed by their Family Physician and Diabetes Educator on a routine basis
  • Patients are encouraged to bring their logbooks and medication list to every visit
  • Diabetes assessment visits will allow an opportunity to discuss self-management concerns and to make any necessary changes in care

        Speak to your physician to be registered for a class.

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Exercise is Medicine™

As part of your treatment plan, your family physician may prescribe physical activity. Research has demonstrated that physical activity is an essential tool in the prevention and treatment of numerous medical conditions. When your Phsyician prescribes exercise they may also ask if you would like to be connected with some local free or nearly free group exercise programs. Loyalist Family Health Team has partnered with both the Victorian Order of Nurses and The Senior's Association to make sure our patients get access to well designed programs. Ask your physician if you would like to be connected to one of these partnering organizations.

Exercise is Medicine Program is designed for those who:

  • are not meeting the minimal recommendations for physical activity and would like to become more physically active

The program is beneficial to everyone. There will be ongoing support to help patients achieve their activity goals.

  • 1:1 or group sessionswith the occupational therapist: for those who are unsure how to become more physically active or need more support because of physical limitations.
  • Ask your physician about an exercise prescription.


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Blood services are available for Loyalist Family Health Team patients Monday-Friday from 8:00am till 12:30pm. A requisition from your family physician is required. *Please note that not all laboratory tests are covered by OHIP.  We are pleased to offer these payment options: debit or credit card. We do not accept cash at this location.

To access blood services:

  • A requisition and health card is required for each visit
  • Notify the technician if you've had any recent changes to your health information
  • You must sign-in on the white sheet upon arrival
  • Let the technician know if you are 'hard to get' or are nervous
  • Wait time depends on how busy the lab is that day, the actual blood collection usually takes about 5 minutes
  • If you have flu-like symptoms or a cough, please wear mask provided

Prior to your blood test:

  • You may be required to fast beforehand; if so, do not eat anything, or drink juice, tea, coffee, or chew gum for 12-14 hours
  • Drink LOTS of water during the fasting period
  • Take all medications as per usual during the fasting period unless otherwise instructed by physician
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Memory Clinic

The Memory Clinic

The Memory Clinic is a specialized monthly clinic dedicated to helping patients with memory difficulties. A multidisciplinary team of skilled health care professionals complete a thorough assessment with both patient and their caregiver.

The Memory Clinic is designed for those who:

  • Are experiencing memory difficulties that may or may not be related to aging
  • Are at risk of functional decline due to their memory difficulties

The Program:

  • Make recommendations that can include home and driving safety strategies and/or further medical testing
  • Offers referral to community resources and assistance with making the right connection to the resource
  • Provides comprehensive assessment and recommendations that are shared with patient's physician to enable best possible care

Patients experiencing memory difficulties should speak to their physician for a referral to the Memory Clinic.

For more information

Ontario Alzheimer's Society


Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation Program

The Smoking Cessation Program is one initial counselling session for an individual smoker who wants to select a date to quit and a plan to be successful.

Smoking Cessation Program is designed for those smokers who:

  • Want to quit smoking
  • Are ready to quit smoking

The program:

  • Is the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation
  • Provides evidence based information and guidance about choosing the correct quit smoking aid
  • Is an individual counselling appointment
  • Provides educational material
  • Provides opportunity to be registered with Quit Smoking Follow-up Program

Speak to your physician to be referred for a smoking cessation appointment.

For more information

Help to quit smoking

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Lung Association

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